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  1. whassup “Saucy”?
    just checking on you… really sad i sort of switched off during ur last days in Nigeria…guess i was just stunned at the friday nite incident…
    how r u , anyway?
    and Dayo? hope 2 talk 2 u real soon…
    Kunle Ayeni,
    Lagos… remember?
    check out ayenithegreat.wordpress.com

  2. Hi!

    My name is Jessie, and I came across your blog while doing some research on ECELA. I am graduating soon from college, and I want to learn Spanish as well. Would you recommend ECELA?

    Thanks and happy travels!


  3. Funny I’m just reading this. Deep and interesting. And, reading at a time when the election has been won and lost, it’s a refreshing reminder of the cynicism, uncertainty and drama that characterised the early days of the campaign, the pre-primary postulations, and how it didn’t make practical sense to love obama so; but yet it did.

    What a time to be alive!

  4. Hi Saucy,
    I’m going to Brazil, Rio and Salvador for 5 weeks with my 9 years old son. i can imagine that unless we open our mouths we’ll look brazilians.
    It happened everywhere we went from East Africa to Cuba.
    The only place where people still look at us quite surprised is when we speak our mothertongue (I hate to use that “mother”, but just to make myself clearer). We’re the New Italians or Black Italians or Afro-italians.
    Anyway, would love some tips, dos and dont’s in Brazil, especially in Salvador and Rio. I keep reading about travellers who have been there but I wish I could have a different point of view. The way we are perceived is based on how we look, our identity and I believe yours is closer to mine.
    Thanks in advance.

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