Salvador Bahia::Ahoy Black Folks!!!….Now This Is Paradise….

April 23, 2007

So I arrived in Salvador Brazil yesterday afternoon safe and sound. Today is my first day up and about and it is simply gorgeous. I am at an internet cafe that faces the beach and I am writing this as I watch one of the most beautiful sunsets I´ve ever seen.

Let me say that it is so good to see Black people again…or what I know to be Black people from an American perspective. Salvador is on the Northeast Coast which is the area where over 5 million slaves were dropped off during the slave trade. We would call people here Black but after a lively conversation with the taxi driver on the way to my Bed and Breakfast it has come to my attention that pretty much everyone here considers themselves ¨mulato¨ regardless of shade. He was telling me all of this after I told him that no I´m not Portuguese, but “Negro Americana” and he laughed and told me that I am not Negro anything down here because Negro here refers to someone who is Negro-Azulita, which I interpreted as what we call “Blue-Black”. On another note, let me also say how lovely it is to see Black men again specifically. I have to say that with all the talk of how lovely Brazillian women are (which I am still waiting to see…more on that later) , no one says anything about how gorgeous the men are. I would almost say that they are some of the most beautiful Black men I’ve ever seen, yet I think part of it is that I haven’t seen any for a few months.

My accommodations are decent though lacking some creature comforts such as the air conditioning is only turned on at night and the bathroom……..well lets not dwell on the negative shall we? A girl can only expect so much for 17$ per night. One thing I can say for the Barra Guesthouse is that the chap Russell who runs the B&B is the friendliest hotel owner I´ve ever run into.

So I don´t speak Portuguese and I have no idea what people are saying most of the time, but I didn´t know what the hell people were saying half the time in Spanish either. They say if you know Spanish you can get along just fine in Portuguese speaking countries, but I beg to differ. It´s true that they do understand you when you speak Spanish to them, but when they speak back to me it sounds like some kind of mixed up combination of Spanish, French, and German and I´m just like who, huh, what? So yea, this should be interesting.


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  1. Keep up the good work.

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