Santiago:: Is it love that I´m feeling?? Umm, no thats just gas…

March 28, 2007

So I´ve been in Santiago for a few days now and I must admit that when I first arrived here I was disappointed, sad, disgusted, and ready to bring my tail back to the states. It was difficult to leave Buenos Aires, a city that I am so in love with so much personality and come here to Santiago where the city lacks a little….. je ne sais que…. Basically in a nutshell, Santiago kind of sucks. I have searched high and low and I have yet to find the charm in this city. The people are wonderful……but I seem to find the people everywhere to be wonderful.

Though this is a city of 5 million or more people it lacks that bustling big city feel that I was expecting. Instead it always feels like you are in a dirty run down suburb of a big city. I am counting the days until I leave.


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