Fuck the world I got here!

February 24, 2007

I am in fucking Buenos Aires Argentina……. I damn near walked on fire to get my black ass here but I am here.  Recovering from some sort of bronchial sickness I developed during Carnival (such a sad sad story), tired as hell, with stunted access to my cash, almost got put in Venezuelan airport jail……………… but fuck the world and all the reasons why I shouldn´t have made it because my sunburnt/samoan lookalike self is here and in effect.

Carnival summary and SA updates to come after I catch some ZZ´s. 

::Note to the people::  Nobody speaks English in South America….. I mean nobody. 

I mean damn, the whole point of me being here is to learn….. can a girl just get through the airport? …… I swear every time I do some nonsense like this it just lets me know that I can do anything.  …… Or that there is no expiration to my utter and total foolishness.  You pick


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