So Apparently Sunday School Teachers Are A Threat To Jesus As Well……

August 21, 2006

When Mary Lambert, who has taught Sunday school for 54 years is fired for having a vagina I begin to be convinced that the world might indeed be coming to an end. Now see this is why my hellish nightmares consist of Pat Robertson taking over humanity versus satan…..(or are they the same thing? hmmm). Apparently it isn’t enough to be Christian and love Jesus in order to teach about Jesus…….you must also have a penis like Jesus in order to fully qualify. The church board voted UNANIMOUSLY to dismiss her on the grounds that her vagina did not make the cut and they sent her a letter telling her such and quoting the bible as backup.

The letter quotes 1 Timothy 2:11 -14 of the New Testament: “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.”

Hmmm, to learn in quietness and full submission. Is it just me, or do I hear the echos of Ike Turner smacking the hell outta Tina screaming “Sing the song like I wrote it Ana Mae!!!”? I swear women kind just cannot seem to pay enough for the fairytale of Adam and Eve.  Never in the history has a fable been solely responsible for the oppression, humiliation, and degradation of an entire gender.  While we are at it, correct me if I am wrong, but the way I remember the creation story Adam was decieved and was just as much as the sinner…… she gave him the apple, he is the fool who bit it.  Furthermore, if man is so easily deceived by a lie, how does that make him more fit to teach and influence the minds of others in the way of the Lord? Seems to me that a fool should never guide the mind of babes.  I first caught wind of this story on World News Tonight where they interviewed the pastor Tim Labouf saying that their church strictly adheres to the “special” and very specific roles God has laid out in the bible. He went on too say that it isn’t exclusion because there are other roles for women in the church, just not preaching ……teaching …….leading …….speaking……breathing heavy, etc.

Herein lies the fundamental reason I turned away from “Christianity” (because apparently there are 500 different versions……just pick the one that works for you). How can I embrace a religion with fundamental principles that hate my vagina and make it clear that my vagina will always be a second class citizen? Who can truly find fault with a woman teaching Sunday school class purely because of some obscure archaic bible verse? Screw somebody’s garbage about a woman’s “special” place, there is no such thing as seperate but equal. We all know what the deal is…….. men rule the roost…… women shut up, stay in your place and provide the casserole. Reminds me of segregationist insisting that there is merely a natural order to things supported by bible versuses that point to the notion that races should be seperated. Funny though, us colored folk was just sho nuff tired of whistlin dixie in the back of the bus…..even though it was our ‘”special” place. Not exclusion…..just “special”.

Tim LaBouf, who is also a member of the Watertown City Council, did not respond to repeated attempts for comment.

So, this man was actually elected to sit on a city council?….Are you telling me that this man has the ability to not only oppress vaginas inside his church…..but in the entire city as well? Who gave this man power? Who wasn’t paying attention?!! How do things like this occur Amerikkka?!!!! Who are the people voting for these neanderthal politicians? This nonsense deserves a new category, because crazy Christians scare the hell out of me.



  1. I would sure want to see this sad f¤¤¤r (no “fuck” on this blog?)face Jesus’s mom in the afterlife!
    And, oh my God, are there still people that take the Bible literally? I saw on the Fox website a comment saying that male leadership still is the “sound order”. Yeap, the Crusades, the world wars, slavery, persecutions, ignorance…seems really sound and healthy to me! Maybe torture will come back in style.
    And jerks like this make all Christians look bad. No other churches reacted to this situation (too lazy to google the subject)? I’m a Christian and I would gladly force-feed him estrogen pills.
    The Bible is not a manual, it would be soooo easy if it were. It has bad examples and good examples and they are not always so obvious. It is a duty for every Christian to interpret it in the spirit of love and sincere tolerance. These are the fundamental principles, the rest is tradition and traditions change (there are women pastors in the Protestant Church). Double standards have existed and exist in non-Christian societies as well, let’s not forget that.
    This son of a bitch is not a Christian, he’s a hypocrite who probably asks his wife to spank him during sex. Not that I think spanking per se is wrong :).
    Yes, I have noticed that this comment is old. So, what happened, did she sue the shit out of him? Did she win?

  2. I spent 15 years in one of those churches that love and promote the doctrine of putting women in their “silent and submissive” place. It was a misogynist prison and because I actually believed the implications that there is something terribly inferior about being a female that the doctrine creates I was filled with self-loathing.

    Incidentally, my denomination said that men were NOT deceived by the woman but they did her bidding out of love her her. As a consequence putting too much credibility in what your wife said made you a momma’s boy. One pastor said “we don’t want any momma’s boys around here.”

    They justified the exclusion of women from comment about anything of consequence including how to raise their teenage boys, by saying “women are easily deceived by Satan.” Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out how to be a Christian sans attending church.

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