Giving Myspace The Finger

August 5, 2006

Ok, now I admit it. For three weeks I was a myspace stalker. I was out of work at the time, so I literally spent hours of my day for a couple of weeks looking up every person I ever met in life on myspace.com. Then a funny thing began to happen, I began to check in on people I hadn’t spoken to in years…….old childhood friends, ex-boyfriends, old neighbors, roommates, etc. As I started to fill my boring days reading the myspace pages of people I knew and those that I had never met, I began to have a more profound understanding of how small the world really is. I went from someone who was like “myspace what?”, to someone who was looking up people I hadn’t spoken to since the 80s on a regular basis. Every time I would meet someone new, I would run home and look them up on myspace. I would wake up and leave my bed if I thought of someone new to look up. Then I began to become obsessed with the myspace friends list. After stumbling across a few friends that I had no idea knew each other through the friends list, I became fascinated with this whole six degrees of separation philosophy, which in the land of myspace seems to only be 3-4 degrees of separation. After I started making a little mental map of all these connections, I freaked…because I realized that I was indeed a MySpace stalker.

Eventually, after a couple of weeks I was able to put the crack of myspace down, and I’ve been pretty much cold turkey every since. However, in those few weeks, I learned a lot about people that I was probably never even supposed to know. Myspace is a huge interpersonal Rubik’s cube. It is not the individual squares that tell the story, but once arranged in the proper perspective….it’s the entire cube that gives away the tale.

I vacillated about whether or not to create my own page. I understand the pull of myspace, it’s the equivalent of having your very own shop window on Park Avenue where you get to display yourself and your thoughts however you choose for all the world to see. But the problem with being so public…. is that it’s so public. I’m hesitant to give people (those I know and those I don’t) the opportunity to sneak intimate peaks at my life. I have already done my time with stalkers, and there are some people to whom I need to remain lost forever and plastering myself all over myspace didn’t seem like a good way to ensure that. While I was pondering the construction of my own page, I had to sign up for one eventually just to read the blogs of others, but nothing except my zip code and where I did my education was on there. …. And low and behold, a couple weeks later I was “found”. Mind you it was by someone I was glad to be found by, a friend from college that I had lost touch with during the hustle and confusion I call the past couple years of my life. But still. I was found. Too freaky for me.

After finally deciding that I am still too much of a scaredy-cat to create a myspace page (yet, anyway), I was still attracted to the whole concept of myspace. I liked the idea of having a space where I can rant and rave as I please about whatever I please. So here I am, a newbie in the blogosphere of land owners.


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